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Pronstic Sport Picks

Pickeando is born of two idealists with a long experience who wanted to give a turn to the world of betting.
The main reason to create this space is to bring the two main players in the world of betting: the professional betting or Tipster and the daily gambler seeking advice.

Nowadays, there are pages specialized in a process of normalization of the betting world, as it happens in the stock market world in which a broker manages portfolios to make their customers earn money. Thanks to this normalization it is becoming more common to speak of betting as an investment method and not as a simple game or entertainment.


Currently, social networks are the main focus of information exchange in the sports field but lately has been detected a certain massacre of the masses when it comes to interacting with tipsters for different reasons: scams, sells, multitudes of challenges through registrations, premiums without statistics etc. For all this we have devised a system in which the Tipster sees rewarded his work and his knowledge through the collection of a reasoned forecast and the user obtains a reasoned advice and motivated by a statistical study or relevant information that increases the value of a forecast.

Dinero ganado de los mejores tipsters gratis.
Compensación dinero ganado de los mejores tipsters gratis.


At Pickeando we offer a selection of the best tipsters of the moment and their sports betting forecasts with verified statistics, at the same time that we offer the opportunity to begin a great trajectory from scratch.

Finally, it should be noted that Pickeando is the only web in the sector that gives users a compensatory bonus of the same amount of the purchase provided that the purchased pick is failed, so that the investments made will have a very low probability of not being paid with benefits.